Daphne Willis

The Addy Janes


Abby Posner


Sami Grisafe

Scott Free


Natalia Zukerman

Shut Eye


Ripley Caine

Katie Todd

Bridget Lyons

Jackie Rada

Mechele Peters



Lisa-Cordileone (Abby)

Adria Dawn (Angela Ep8)

Christopher Meister (Stan Ep10)

Laura Chernicky (Eileen Eps 6, 8, 9)

Fawzia MIrza (Bobbie Eps 8, 12)


Amy Dellagiarino (Nancy Eps 3, 13)

Haviland Stillwell (Lydia Ep 7, 12, 13)

Britt-Marie Sivertsen (Paula Ep5)

Tom Chiola (Rick Ep10)

Kathleen Lawlor (Genevieve Ep10)

Lana Smithner (Laura Ep2)

Taryn Wood (Marly Ep10)


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Sara (Emily Shain) is Abby's best friend, who has communication issues with her bossy girlfriend. Behind-the-Scenes photo with DP Andrew Parrotte.


EASY ABBY is a romantic comedy series about a 31-year old lesbian who's never been in love and doesn't want to be! But with her special knack of attracting a variety of women, Abby's having a hard time sorting it out. A bike mechanic and bartender, Abby saves money to move Costa Rica and study coral reefs, but between her bipolar Mom and the alluring Danielle, will she ever leave Chicago?

With over 30 Million Views for 13-episode Season One, Easy Abby is preparing to bring the much-anticipated Season Two to the world by Summer 2015! You can help us! Click HERE to help complete production via Kickstarter!

Series created by Wendy Jo Carlton (Director of features, Jamie & Jessie are Not Together and Hannah Free)

See CAST PAGE for full cast pics and info!

See MUSIC PAGE for Singers/Musicians who appear on Season One soundtrack!